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is it any wonder i'm sane at all
Georgia, United States
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NOTICE: If you're here looking for fanfic and only fanfic, you might want to checkout my fanfic journal, delylahs_den, instead. I will be posting my stories there from now on, and they will be posted there before they're posted anywhere else.

I'm Delylah. I write Harry Potter fanfiction, and the HP fandom is my current obsession. I am a refugee from the Angel/BtVS fandom, I occasionally browse the X-Men Movieverse fandom, and I'm sort of toying with the Veronica Mars fandom. My very first fandom ever was Star Wars (IV, V and VI) but that was long before I had any idea what an Internet was or any concept that there were other geeks like me who made up stories about the series and generally engaged in fannish obsession. Fortunately, those stories stayed in my head to eventually be forgotten, or, if I did commit them to paper, have since been irretrievably lost. And it's a good thing, too, because my version of Luke's girlfriend had to be the biggest Mary Sue ever.

I like 80's music, romantic suspense novels, Coca-Cola, and sappy movies. I'm happily married with 2 sons, 1 stepson, and 2 dumb mutts. We live in the Middle of Nowhere, Georgia. There are trees on all four sides of the house, and I can't even see my nearest neighbor's house. I live a mile off the paved road, if that gives you any indication how far out in the "country" I am. And I like it here.

In early February 2006, I had a healthy 6lb 9 oz baby boy who is now three. I spend a lot of my time cleaning up his messes and chasing after him, which doesn't leave a lot of room for writing fic, but I'm trying to get back on track.

BTW, my LJ email address has long been disabled due to spam. If you try to email me there, I'll never receive it. If you need to reach me and aren't privy to my regular email addy, send me a private message.

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